Filmaufnahmen für Terra X
Filmaufnahmen für Terra X

April 2014: dolphin documentary for Terra X supported by Dolphin Watch Natural Underwater Science.

Filmaufnahmen für Terra X
Dolphin Watch Natural Underwater Science unterstützt die Filmaufnahmen
Professionella Aufnahmen für die Delfin-Dokumentation


Review Boot 2014



Red Sea Governor Closes Shabb el Erg and Shabb Fanus

Shabb el Erg and Shabb Fanus will be closed off to the public for a period of 1 month starting from May 15, 2013 until June 15, 2013.



foundation of Care for Dolphins

The program for conservation awareness and environmental education about bottlenose dolphins living in the Hurghada area, Red Sea.


Movie on youtube about "The Code of Conduct for a Dolphin Encounter"

The Code of Conduct for Dolphin Encounters


With the support of the data and observation collected over the last years by our colleague Angela Ziltener and Spiritual World Diving Federation (SWDF), we could understand more about the species’ ecology.


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